What is a Lopifit?

The Lopifit is an electric treadmill bike with five gears. A very innovative way of transportation which definitively makes saddle pain a thing of the past.

The Lopifit makes it possible to travel large distances on foot. With a walking pace of 5 km per hour, a speed can be achieved of 25 km per hour. Walking on the Lopifit is a unique and a wonderful experience. A relaxing stroll with the wind in your hair. Walking has never been this much fun!

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    Battery and gears
    The strong battery (960 Wh, Panasonic-cells) together with the Bafang engine (250w) make it possible to travel a distance from 50 to 70 kilometers (depending on weather, your own weight and terrain). With the five gears it can be switched to a speed you feel comfortable with.

    Easy operation and very safe
    Operating the Lopifit is so simple, anyone can use it! Step on, make a first walking movement and you’re away. The sensors in the handles can stop the treadmill with a slight movement. You roll through the curves with ease. The disc brakes ensure that the Lopifit is safely and quickly stopped.

    The Lopifit is a Dutch product, built with only high quality parts.

    "Riding a Lopifit is a lot of fun, give it a try!"

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    Technical Specifications

    Length:                                   222 cm
    Width:                                     42 cm
    Height of the handlebar:   120 cm
    Front wheel:                          28” x 1.1/2”
    Rear wheel:                            20” x 1.75”
    Gross weight:                        55 kg
    Maximum speed:                 25 km/H
    Range:                                    50 – 70 km

    Engine:                                   Bafang
    Voltage:                                  48V
    Power:                                    250W
    Battery:                                  Panasonic Cells
    Battery elec. Capacity:       960 Wh
    Battery Weight:                   5 kg
    Charger, Charging time:   4 Hours
    Brake, front and rear:        Disc Brakes